Notes and Observations

Sitting Boy (5-1/2 x 5-3/4)

Sitting Boy Sitting Boy - closeup of face
Penciled on the reverse “Sept 1,” (1880?) this young lad glows with brightness and innocence, quite unsentimentally. Is he perhaps a relative, family friend or one of Homer’s Four Boys Bathing, watercolor 1880 (?). The actual head measures only 1-1/4 inches from crown to chin; enlargement shows the masterful drawing and coloring of the original. The emotional comprehension of the subject indicates the absorption of the painter in the moment and is truly remarkable. Arthur and Alice Patch Homer resided in Galveston, Texas, and visited Prout's Neck in 1875 and every summer thereafter. Their eldest son, Arthur Patch Homer, was born in 1875 and at age five might well be the subject of this immediate life portrait. Gopnik, referenced earlier, alludes to Homer’s stock figures, especially boys as “(the boy, the American nymph)...”
Note: This sheet bears the Whatman watermark, the only one to do so.

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