Notes and Observations

Further Study

For further study, review and reflection of diverse Homer works which provide insight into the found works, consult the following:
Colonel Wilson of Wilson’s Brigade (wood engraving, 1862)
Soldier Dancing (pencil, 1861)
Trooper Meditating Beside a Grave (o/c, no date)
Young Soldier (o/c, 1864)
Standing Soldier (pencil, 1862)
Side View of a Mounted Officer (pencil, 1862)
Portrait of Mrs. Florence Tyron (b & w chalk, 1866)
Contraband (w/c, 1875)
David Pharaoh, The Last of the Montauks (w/c & pencil, July 21, 1874)
The Youth of S. T. Preston (pencil drawing w/wash, 1879)
Blackboard (w/c, 1877)
New Novel (w/c, 1877)
Twilight at Leeds, New York (o/c, 1876)
Autumn Mountainville, New York (w/c, 1878)